• Christina Francy

Creative Ways to Save Money

Whether you're trying to save money for a new home or a remodel, here are some out of the box ways to put some pennies away to help you.

✅ Set your goals!

Are you saving up for a deposit on your first home? Do you want to remodel your kitchen without pulling out a loan? Maybe it's just to save up for a nice family vacation. Whatever that is, write that goal down and think about it every time you want to splurge on something. You're less likely to spend on wants when you have an end goal in mind.

✅ Don’t need it? Sell it!

Use reselling apps and sites to help purge what you no longer need. Try apps like Mercari, Offer Up, Let It Go and Facebook Marketplace to help find a home for all the things you don't need anymore!

✅ Create a weekly menu and stick to it!

Eating out is expensive. Want to know what else is expensive? Impulse shopping at the store and throwing random things in your cart. How about throwing away unused food that you didn't get around to eating? It's wasteful and expensive. Creating a menu helps you plan for all your meals and accounts for all the food you're buying. See the next tip for extra help.

✅ Pack your lunch for work.

I realize not all of you work outside of the house, but for those who do, packing a lunch can save you a lot of money! Especially if you work in a major city with higher sales tax. Weekly menu can help you by taking leftovers or just a simple meal prep once a week if you don't mind eating something similar for the work week.

✅ Use an online grocery service for pickup or free delivery!

This helps you not go rogue in the chocolate aisle or start loading your cart with stuff when you’re hungry at the store. Walmart Grocery is awesome and they offer free pickup at select stores and offer delivery for a fee. Did you know Whole Foods offers free delivery for Amazon Prime members and honors their special member pricing? Both of these places will give you their lowest price so you don't have to worry. Want to try either of these? Contact us for a special referral link.

✅ Look at your subscriptions. Cancel things you rarely use and can do without.

Do you have a monthly subscription like Netflix, Hulu, Ipsy, Birchbox, etc? Do you not use some of them? Call them and cancel them!

✅ Delete shopping apps!

We all have them, but if you can't help yourself, delete them! No one wants to give in to the insomnia by shopping for things you don't need at 1am.

✅ Speaking of shopping...

If you think you HAVE to have something, sleep on it and wait to buy it till the next day. Most of the time the feeling and urge to buy something will pass! Do you shop at Target? Useful money saving apps like Cartwheel can help you save money on things that you already planned on buying. Use coupons and stack them against store coupons to save even more!

✅ Eating out?

Everyone loves to eat out. It's ok to do it every once and a while and to treat yourself or celebrate something (or nothing at all). If you dine out, try not to order a drink. Stick with water to keep the bill down and because it's healthier for you anyway.

✅ Don't reward yourself by spending money!

You did something awesome and naturally your first idea is to celebrate by buying something. Why not DO something instead of buying something? Free museum day, a nature hike, free concert in the park

✅ Ask for a lower rate!

Did you know you can call your credit card company and ask if they will give you a better rate? Most of the time they will lower your interest rate. Sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently.

✅ Check your thermostat!

Even one degree on the thermostat warmer in the summer can save you money on your electric bill!

✅ When you're done with one goal, make another and keep saving!

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