• Christina Francy

5 Budget-friendly Decorating Ideas

If you're like me, you're constantly looking for ideas to freshen up your home without breaking the bank. Here are five ways to get you going.


Photo credit: Angela Marie Made

1. Add an accent wall

Whether you want a pop of color with paint or something a little more farmhouse and rustic using shiplap, an accent or feature wall is an easy and cheap way to add some character to any room in your house! Consider your existing furniture and finishes and play off of those for some inspiration. Shiplap can be painted and stained a multitude of different colors so the options are endless!


Photo credit: Pigskins and Pigtails

2. Purge the clutter

The cheapest and easiest thing you could do to give your space a fresh look is to purge the clutter and stuff you don't use anymore or hide it if you have pack-rat tendencies. Use cute storage bins and baskets to hide your stuff from guests. Toys galore? We get that. Utilize plastic storage bins and closets to keep things well-organized and out of plain sight. The dollar store is a great place to start looking before you pay more than you need. After all, no one will see these bins if they're in a closet.


3. Go rummaging

Summer is awesome for garage sales, yard sales and estate sales! You can find some amazing pieces for super cheap. Furniture, wall decor, trinkets and even storage pieces can all be found if you keep your eyes open for the treasure!


4. Do it yourself

Now, this isn't for everyone (myself included), but if you have time and patience, you can find some amazing furniture secondhand and sand it down and refinish it yourself for an amazing rustic look! Some people make a living doing this, but this could also be a great time to learn if you've never done it before. After all, buying a cheap piece at a garage sale that you're not attached to is easier to work on that Grandma's mid-century dresser.


5. Add fresh flowers

Have you ever cleaned your house and thought something was missing? It's amazing what fresh flowers can do for a room. Pick a vase that you love and grab an already-made bouquet from the grocery store or grab some at your local farmers market! If you want to be creative, create your own and see what kind of inner-floral designer is within you.

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