• Christina Francy

Maximize Your Curb Appeal on a Minimal Budget

Done with Spring Cleaning? Time to take the cleaning to the outdoors! Here are some ways to help freshen up your outdoor space on a small budget.

Image from Kerr & Kerr Landscaping

Clean up the clutter:

Do you have a collection of outdoor toys sitting out in the front yard? Find a place for them in the garage or shed. Having a dedicated space for everything will make it easier to clean up and keep areas clean in the future. This also applies to garden tools, hoses, etc.

Pop of paint on your front door:

Have a favorite color? Now's your chance to put it on display and make your front door stand out! Choose a color that won't be an eye-sore for you or your neighbors. This isn't the time to see if salmon or coral will be a top color choice (unless you live in the tropics). ;)

Fresh coat of pain on trim:

Since you have that paint brush out, look at the trim on your windows and make sure there are no chips and cracks that make your house look dated. Simply scraping and repainting can rejuvenate the look of your house quickly. This also applies to your garage door and fencing if necessary.

Plant some hardy flowers and plants:

Have a black thumb like me? Planting some hard-to-kill flowers and plants add some greenery and color to your space. Ask your local hardware store or greenhouse for advice. Depending on where you live, this list will change so asking the experts is always best. Keep your lawn maintenanced:

This doesn't mean hiring landscapers and blowing your hard-earned money. Simply keep your grass mowed, weeds under control and be sure to trim the grass around sidewalks and driveway for a neat and consistent look. Have a hard to maintain area? Look into mulch or river rocks as an alternative to keeping small areas or beds looking their neatest. Keep bushes and hedges trimmed into a uniform look for a clean appearance.

Give your trees some love:

Do your trees have branches growing every which way? Not only can this look a little messy, but it can also be dangerous. When branches hang too low or touch electrical wires, they could cause a problem in the future. Keep the risk low by trimming up branches away the house and wires and be sure not to take too much off unless you contact an arborist for help.

Add some new lights:

Is your old front door light dim and dreary looking? Go check out some newer and brighter options that might even help save you money on your electrical bill. A simple swap of the light can make your front door and entry way look new and updated.

Window washing:

Add some more sparkle to your windows with a simple diluted vinegar mixture for an eco-friendly option. Clean windows make a difference not only to your exterior, but also your interior allowing sunshine to come in and brighten up the space!

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