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This Easy Way To Bake An Artichoke Is Totally The Best Treat


Artichoke Lemon Olive oil Salt Pepper Minced garlic Parsley Parmesan


Remove the stem of the artichoke. Cut about one inch off the top of the artichoke. Take a pair of kitchen scissors and snip off the thorns on the tip of the artichoke petals.

Take half a lemon and rub lemon juice over the cut portion of the artichoke to prevent it from browning. Season with salt and pepper. Spread open the petals and rub minced garlic all over. Add the parsley and Parmesan; make sure to get it in between the petals.

Wrap the artichoke in aluminum foil. Bake at 425°F/220°C for one hour 20 minutes. When done, serve with extra parsley, lemon wedge and your favorite dipping sauce. Enjoy!


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